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Ultimate Hack Home - Ultimate Hack
Ultimate Hack Home - Ultimate Hack

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Ultimate Hack Home - Ultimate Hack

" We do not promote/sponsor Hacking in any form, rather this website will help you gain entry into the minds of
seasoned computer criminals, so that you can forestall their attempts and pre-empt all harmful attacks,
you will be hence well equipped to detect the ways in which hackers can infiltrate your system"

What Is A Hacking?

A Hacker is a general term in computing that refers to a computer programmer who takes advantage of the faults in the design of computer software or hardware (commonly referred to as "weaknesses") in order to:
  1. gain further knowledge about the internal workings of the software or hardware,
  2. gain access to some previously locked or hidden function of the software or hardware,
  3. disable some previously functioning part of the software or hardware so that it no longer works in the way it was originally intended, or
  4. command the software or hardware to perform an additional task that it was not originally designed to do.
As a hacker's activities commonly (but not always) involve reverse engineering[Note 8] or direct modification of the software or hardware without the manufacturer's knowledge or authorisation, hacking often violates existing Copyright and Patent laws[1] in many countries. A hacker's activities also frequently include the exploitation of a weakness in software or hardware to, for example, command the software or hardware to perform a malicious action against an individual or organisation. While reverse engineering software or hardware to gain further knowledge about its internal may not be considered a crime, malicious acts arising from the exploitation of any weaknesses found are considered crimes and are even considered as terrorist acts in some countries[2]. For these reasons, hacking, the activity of a hacker, is considered a crime under law in most countries especially United States Law. Numerous hackers have been, and continue to be, prosecuted[3][4] for their actions, some even becoming infamous through the reporting of their activities in the media.
The word Hacker is a general term within the field of computing and there are more specific terms in use, particularly just within the United States, to describe the different types of hackers and the different kinds of software and hardware that they find weaknesses in. These different types of hackers are listed briefly in Section 6 of this arcticle, however, to read in detail about these different kinds of hackers, please consult Hacker (disambiguation) or Hacking.

Introduction - Hacking

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The misuse of the information in this website can result in
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authors and Wetpaint will not be held responsible in the event any criminal
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This site contains materials that can be potentially damaging or dangerous. If you do not fully understand something on this site, then GO OUT OF HERE! Refer to the laws in your province/country before accessing, using,or in any other way utilizing these materials. These materials are for educational and research purposes only. Do not attempt to violate the law with anything contained here. If this is your intention, then LEAVE NOW! Neither administration of this server, the authors of this material, or anyone else affiliated in any way, is going to accept responsibility for your actions. Neither the creator nor Wetpaint is responsible for the comments posted on this website.

This site will Never harm u By giving Out Trojans, Virus or any related stuff. We do not Promote Hacking ! But Lets one be aware of all the Possibilities around. N promotes the way to Curb it to Protect urself.Rest is all Tricks n Tips..

Ultimate Hack Home - Ultimate HackUltimate Hack Home - Ultimate Hack

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